Samson Stage 412 4 Mics Wireless System

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Four Channels of Wireless Freedom

If you want exceptional value in a wireless microphone package, then you need to check out Samson’s Stage 412. This 4-channel wireless handheld microphone system makes cutting the cord easy and cost effective, providing you with four independent wireless channels for less than the cost of a typical wireless system. Claim up to 200 feet of wireless freedom thanks to crisp and clean VHF bandwidth, while IR sync makes these systems as easy to set up as anything Sweetwater sound techs have worked with. And whether you’re going on the road or just worried about taking your mics onstage, this rugged Stage 412 system, with its metal-bodied Q6 mics, can handle it.

  • Super-convenient, quad handheld VHF wireless system
  • Perfect for small performance spaces, karaoke, presentations, and more
  • Q6 dynamic microphones with integrated transmitters deliver up to 10 hours of operation on 2 AA batteries
  • 12 operating channels across 173MHz–198MHz frequency range
  • IR sync wirelessly matches receiver and transmitter frequency
  • 200-foot line-of-sight operating range
  • Robust metal design easily holds up to live sound conditions
  • Balanced XLR mic and individual 1/4″ outputs let you connect to professional sound gear

Built to last and made to perform

Many affordable wireless systems cut costs by going cheap on materials, swapping out more robust parts for plastic. Samson avoids that pitfall with the Stage 412 system. The receiver is in a metal chassis, meaning you can toss it in your gear bag or a case and not worry about it getting beat up. The mics themselves are also metal, with tough grilles that can handle getting dropped. Add to that high-quality balanced outputs and sturdy controls, and you have a system that certainly doesn’t feel like a budget model.

Frequency-agile VHF operation

When it comes to analog wireless, bandwidth and frequency range aren’t all that important. In many cases, how these things are managed is equally, if not more, important. With its frequency-agile technology, the Stage 412 constantly seeks out the cleanest frequency band, ensuring clean and clear transmission. On that note, VHF has changed a lot since the DTV standard went into effect over a decade ago. Where once this wireless range was cluttered and often unusable, today it’s a truly reliable option.

Easy to set up, easy to use

With 12 channels to choose from across the 173MHz–198MHz VHF frequency range, you might imagine the Samson Stage 412 handheld wireless microphone system would be a pain to set up. It isn’t. In fact, thanks to its IR sync function, setting up is a breeze, allowing you to wirelessly match each mic to a channel almost instantly. From there, you can take full advantage of 200 feet of transmission and up to 10 hours of running time on just a pair of easily replaceable AA batteries.