D’Addario Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo
6-string Guitar Capo with Single-hand, Tri-action Geometry and Micrometer Tension Adjustment
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Alice A007K Pro-Trigger Capo
  • Pro quality capo - secure spring mechanism, holds tension effectively & maintains stable tuning
  • Easy to move - mobile, lightweight and easy to re position, fits perfectly electric and acoustic guitars
  • No scratches High quality silicone pad will protect your instrument against damage
  • No fret buzz - Stays in tune with a great intonation in all frets
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PKR 1,000
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Musedo MC-1 Capo
High Quality Rust proof steel spring for durability & flexibility.
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Ziko DC-08 High Grade Guitar Capo
  • Ziko DC-08 High Grade Guitar Capo
  • Suitable for all guitars
  • 70mm by 90mm
  • Colour Varies
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Alice A007D-A1 with Pick Holder

Alice A007D-A1 Chrome/Black Plated Metal Extra Rubber Guitar Capo With Guitar Picks Holder Free

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Aroma AC-01 Premium Metal Guitar Capo
  • Fit for: Acoustic/Classical/Electric Guitars
  • Highest quality metal material, Delicate shape and extraordinary feel in the hand.
  • High Quality Silicone Rubber contact pads protect your instrument's neck and strings.
  • Easy one-handed control for fast change, Polished Zinc Alloy Construction will last for years. Easy key changing.
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D’Addario NS PRO Capo
Designed for acoustic and electric guitars with radiused fretboards Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret Single hand operation Aircraft grade aluminum construction Works for 6 or 12 string acoustic and electric guitars; also available in a classical guitar version Planet Waves NS Series capos are the result of an ongoing collaboration between famed product designer Ned Steinberger, Jim D'Addario and Planet Waves.
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Alice A007A-BK Guitar Capo
  • Made from a metal frame with rubber pads that will not damage the wood of your guitar. This is a well built capo with a strong reliable spring that provides firm pressure across the entire fretboard.
  • One Hand Operation
  • The simple spring design allows the capo to be easily taken on and off using one hand.
  • Suitable for Electric, Steel String Acoustic and Classical Guitars.
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PKR 1,250
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Shark Capo (High Grade Zinc Alloy)

Guitar Capo Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar with Good Hand Feeling

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PKR 2,000
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Acoustic Guitar Strap Capo
  • Acoustic Guitar Capo
  • Easy to use Strap Type
  • Adjustable for Different Necks
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PKR 350
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Alice A007F-A Guitar Capo
Application: Acoustic / Electric Steel String Guitar
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PKR 750
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Alice A007E-A Universal Guitar Capo
Acoustic Guitar Capo for Folk/Classical/Electric Guitar Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Available in Red, Black, Yellow, Green & Blue color.
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Made in USA
Dunlop 88N Trigger Classical Guitar Capo

A Capo for Classical Acoustic Fingerboards!

The Jim Dunlop 88N Trigger Classical acoustic capo provides positive, accurate clamping for flat fingerboards. Made to provide scratch-free performance for your guitar, the low-profile 88N Trigger Classical is designed to stay clear of your fingers. When you need quick key changes without re-tuning, a quality capo is a must, and Dunlop capos are made to do the job right. This unit is constructed of quality aircraft aluminum for reliability and light weight. If you want a great-performing capo that's made to last, choose the Dunlop 88N Trigger Classical! Jim Dunlop 88N Trigger Classical Acoustic Curved Capo Features:
  • Designed for positive, accurate clamping
  • Aircraft aluminum construction
  • Low-profile design
  • Made for flat acoustic fretboards
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Creative Tunings SpiderCapo

Fantastically Flexible Capo!

Put the Creative Tunings Spider Capo on your electric or acoustic guitar's neck and find out what true playing flexibility is really like. The incredible Spider Capo has individual lever-triggered pads for each string - so your tuning possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Switch effortlessly between open tunings, standard tuning, and custom tunings (even mid-song), or use the Spider capo as a standard 6-string capo. The easy-access levers make quick changes a snap, and the elegantly simple attachment design lets you easily move the Spider Capo up and down the neck. Creative Tunings Spider Capo Features:
  • Lets you play hundreds of tunings, without detuning the guitar
  • Allows for fine tuning of each guitar string
  • Also functions as standard 6-string capo
  • Works with electric and acoustic guitars
  • Allows for easy barre chords in open tunings
  • Lets you change guitar tunings mid-performance
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D’Addario NS Artist Capo
The silver NS Artist Capo from Planet Waves is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is designed for use with 6-string acoustic or electric guitars. With its patented Tri-Action geometry and micrometer adjustment mechanism, the capo can be dialed in with the perfect amount of tension needed for clear ringing notes without excessive force, resulting in buzz-free performance at every fret. This greatly reduces the need to re-tune your guitar during and after capo use. The lightweight unit features a sleek construction that can withstand the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear, while adding very little additional weight or obstruction to the instrument. The NS Artist Capo includes an NS Micro Tuner mounting bracket, allowing you to add an optional tuner to the capo. NS Series capos were created by famed product designer Ned Steinberger in collaboration with Jim D'Addario and Planet Waves.
  • Designed for use on 6-string electric and acoustic guitars
  • Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret
  • Patented Tri-Action geometry offers easy use and even clamping tension
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Integrated pick holder
  • Includes NS Micro Tuner mounting bracket (Micro Tuner sold separately)
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Aroma AC-21 Aluminum Alloy Capo
High strength spring, clamp firmly without buzz or loss of tuning Guitar capo clamp for acoustic electric guitar tasto With soft protection plastic so won't hurt your guitar Fast and easy capo Design for 6-String guitar Tuner for chromatic, guitar,bass and etc Support wooden guitar High quality perfect silicone cushion Lifetime: More than 30 thousands rounds Easily applied and repositioned with just one hand
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