Yamaha PSR-S770 61-key Arranger Workstation

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Yamaha PRS-S770 Arranger Keyboard Features:

  • A 61-key arranger keyboard that’s perfect for live performance and studio songwriting
  • 1,346 voices and 360 Accompaniment Styles make finding the ideal sound and backing tracks painless
  • Includes 67 Super Articulation!, 23 Mega Voices, 27 Sweet! Voices, 64 Cool! Voices, 71 Live! Voices, 20 Organ Flutes!
  • Accompaniment Styles include many popular musical genres plus all-new DJ Styles for live electronic music performance
  • Expand your sound and style library with 160MB memory for Voice and Style Expansion Packs
  • Enhance your sounds with hundreds of effects options, including master compression and EQ
  • Easy-to-use user interface includes a 7″ widescreen color display, Multi Pad triggers, and assignable Live Controller knobs
  • Microphone and guitar input let you fill out your music with vocals or other accompaniment
  • Audio recording and 16-track sequencer onboard let you write music whenever inspiration strikes
  • Built-in stereo sound system lets you play without headphones or an external monitor


This Arranger Is Perfect for Live and Studio Work

What do you look for in an arranger keyboard? Is it the sounds or the accompaniment styles, the way it handles live, or the easy way it lets you sit down and write music? If you go with this Yamaha PSR-S770, you get it all. Packed with over 1,300 amazing voices and 360 exciting Accompaniment Styles (including new DJ Styles), getting full and compelling sound out of this keyboard is as easy as putting your fingers to the keys. Phrase arpeggiation and effects let you get even more out of your sounds, and hands-on controls including a pair of assignable encoders and Multi Pads let you add dynamic elements to your live performances. Top it off with onboard recording and sequencing, input options for guitars and microphones, and a full-color 7″ LCD that makes navigation a breeze, and you can start to see just how flexible the Yamaha PSR-S770 arranger keyboard can be.

Yamaha PRS-S770 Arranger Keyboard at a Glance:

  • Choose from a massive library of production-quality sounds
  • Accompaniment Styles fill out your music as you play
  • All the controls you need for performing and songwriting

Choose from a massive library of production-quality sounds

Borrowing from the Tyros series and many other successful forerunners, the Yamaha PSR-S770 offers you an expansive collection of amazing sounds you can use to play music of all different genres. In total, we’re talking about 1,346 unique voices, ranging from bread-and-butter DX sounds to the Super Articulation Voices we’ve been impressed with ever since Yamaha first came to Sweetwater to show them off. Powerful onboard effects, including Master Compressor and Master EQ let you get even more milage out of your sounds, and if you need more Voices or Styles from around the world, 160MB of onboard memory provides plenty of space for expansions. You can even combine packs to create you own expansions with Yamaha’s Expansion Manager software!

Accompaniment Styles fill out your music as you play

If you’ve never had the pleasure of sitting down at one of Yamaha’s arranger keyboard, then you’re in for a real treat the first time you get your hands on your PSR-S770. Just call up one of the 360 onboard Accompaniment Styles and prepare to be blown away. As soon as you start playing, a professional band jumps in, filling in all the extra parts (bass, rhythm, accents, etc) around the notes you play. There are several ways Accompaniment Styles work, allowing you to trigger key changes, add in fills, and preform in many different ways, but they’re all amazing. There are also exciting new DJ Styles, which let you free up a hand for the function-assignable Live Controls and Multi Pads onboard the PSR-S770, allowing you to create compelling and dynamic electronic music on the fly. And thanks to a unique phrase arpeggiator, you can easily lay down melody lines and rhythmical element al well.

All the controls you need for performing and songwriting

When you check out the PSR-S770’s array of controls, starting with pitch and mod wheels and spanning to footswitches, assignable Live Controls, and Multi Pads that let you trigger samples, it couldn’t be clearer that this keyboard was built with real-time performance in mind. Yamaha even includes a highly detailed 7″ color LCD, which can do everything from display musical notation to provide critical instrument information at a glance – no more squinting at small readouts! And if you sing or perform with a guitarist, there are even more performance options onboard the PSR-S770, including special vocal and guitar effects to enhance your sound. Tie all of that together with a 16-track sequencer, audio recording capabilities, and karaoke-style music playback, and you have an arranger that’s perfect for songwriting and live performance.