Tanglewood Discovery DBT-SFCE Semi

PKR 47,500

Discovery Series, Super Folk Cutaway Size, Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Natura/Blackl Finish with TEQ 3BT Q EX4


The Tanglewood DBT-SFCE Discovery Super Folk Electro Acoustic
Guitar is built using some of the most desirable woods you could
wish for on your guitar spruce, maple,t, mahogany and
rosewood. This offers an incredible blend of tones including
clarity from the spruce top and warmth from the mahogany neck and
black walnut back and sides. The super folk body shape means you
have a guitar that sits on your body very comfortably without
sacrificing any tone. Its cutaway body shape means its very
comfortable to play, with easy access to every single note. .
Equipped with Tanglewood’s pickup system and tuner means this
guitar is ready to gig straight out of the box.