Samson TXM20

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20-ch, 2 x 500W Powered Mixer with 12 Mic Pres and 24-bit Effects Processing



A great live mixer from Samson!

The TXM20 is a 20 channel powered mixer, with selectable power amp mode settings for 500 watts of power per channel, or 1000 watts in bridged mono. It features 12 high-quality microphone preamps with phantom power, channel inserts, and low cut flters. The TMX20 offers 1/4-inch phone and Speakon outputs, 3-band EQ pre channel, 4 Aux sends, and dual internal 24 bit effects processor with 100 preset programs. There is 1 stereo 9-band graphic EQ for the mains plus 1 mono 9-band graphic EQ for the monitors, and a mono sub output with variable lowpass filter. Equally suited for gigging musicians or in fixed installations, the TMX20 is a great all-around live mixer.

Samson TXM20 at a Glance:

  • 20 channels of power
  • Flexibility
  • Great sound

20 channels of flexibility

The TXM20 is a twenty channel, powered mixer in an ergonomically correct, attractively appointed, tabletop enclosure. The TXM20 features a massive 1000-watt power amplifier, which is capable of running in 2 x 500-watt stereo, 500-watt Main plus 500-watt monitor, or 1000-watt bridge mono operating modes. To set the overall tonal response of your mix, the TXM20 features a 9-band Stereo Graphic Equalizer for the Main Left and Right outputs, plus a separate 9-band Graphic Equalizer for your monitor mix.


Connecting all your microphones and instruments is simple, with twelve mic/line inputs plus four additional stereo channels. There are also dedicated stereo effects returns for the onboard digital effects. And the effects! You can add one of the TXM20’s 100 dazzling digital studio quality effects, which include Delays, Chorus, Flanging, and of course, lush Reverbs to your vocals or instruments using the onboard 24-bit Multi-Effects Processor. It’s easy to dial up your favorite effects preset with the large seven-segment LED display. Need more effects? The TXM20 employs two onboard 24-bit Multi-Effects Processors. Plus, the TXM20 has extensive auxiliary busses allowing you to have complex combinations of effects on all the channels, or two different effects on different groups of channels. The auxiliary buses are also extremely flexible when it comes to monitor mixes.

Great sound

The TXM20 will give you clean, clear sound reproduction thanks to the high quality, low noise microphone preamps, super clean, low impedance mix bus, two on-board 9-band graphic equalizers and the high output/ low distortion power amplifier. The units are easy to transport with their compact size and oversized, sure-grip handle. The super-tough steel construction ensures reliable, high quality sound from venue-to-venue and performance-to-performance day in, and night out. Optimized for live sound reinforcement and commercial installations, the TXM20 is an ideal mixer and power amp solution that offer plenty of inputs, sweet sounding effects and big sound in a compact package.

Samson TXM20 Features:

  • 12 high-quality microphone preamps
  • 500 watts stereo, 1000 watts bridged mono
  • 4 Aux sends (1 pre, 1 pre/post, 2 effects)
  • Dual 9-band graphic EQ
  • Dual Internal 24 bit effects processor with 100 preset programs
  • Mono sub output with variable lowpass filter
  • 1/4-inch phone and Speakon outputs
  • Built-in effects

Affordable flexibility and power from Samson with the TXM20!