Samson L2400 24-Channel 4-Bus Mixer

PKR 130,000

  • 24-channel/4-bus professional mixing console
  • 18 mic/line channels with studio-quality microphone preamps and 3-band swept mid EQ
  • Two dedicated stereo line channels with 4-band shelving EQ
  • Two additional stereo channels with microphone preamps
  • 100mm faders on all channels, groups, effects return and main mix
  • Dual 24-bit 100 preset digital effects
  • Assignable USB digital I/O for computer recording and playback
  • Oversized backlit mute switches
  • Insert points for mic/line inputs, group outputs, mono and stereo main outputs
  • Internal effect returns to faders
  • Six flexible aux sends for up to eight aux sends per mix
  • Two large 12-segment LED meters for main mix, groups and PFL/AFL
  • Assignable talkback system
  • XLR and 1/4-inch stereo main outputs
  • XLR mono output with adjustable lowpass filter for subwoofer output
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A Versatile 24-channel Live Mixer with Talkback and USB!

The Samson L2400 mixing console gives you the control you need for comprehensive live mixing, while providing the features you want for a variety of situations. The 24-channel/4-bus L2400 includes 18 mic/line channels, two stereo line channels, 20 high-quality preamps,100 preset digital effects, a built-in assignable talkback system, and USB connectivity, allowing you get incredibly clear live recordings easily. A dedicated XLR output with lowpass filter lets you dial in your live sub, and 100mm smooth faders on the L2400 provide smooth mixing control.

Samson L2400 Live Mixing Console at a Glance:

  • Preamps and EQ
  • Faders, mutes, and meters
  • Extended functionality with USB, assignable talkback system, and dedicated sub out

Preamps and EQ

The L2400 offers 18 mic/line channels with high-quality preamps and 3-band EQ to give you the studio quality sound you desire in a live setting. Samson also included 100 dual 24-bit preset digital effects so you can shape the sound you’ve envisioned.

Faders, mutes, and meters

Navigating the unit is easy with 100mm faders on all channels and groups, and the L2400’s oversized backlit mute switches are ideal for dimly lit club settings. There’s also two large 12-segment LED meters for your main mix, groups, and PFL/AFL.

Extended functionality with USB, assignable talkback system, and dedicated sub out

To enhance the range of functionality, the L2400 has an assignable USB digital I/O for computer recording and playback. Samson also added the convenience of a talkback system to facilitate easy communication with your musicians, six flexible aux sends that allow up to eight aux sends per mix and an XLR mono output with an adjustable lowpass filter specific for subwoofer output. In an industry where live performance can define you as a musician, engineer or promoter, Samson has supplied the tool that can set you apart.