Roland EN-09 IN Indian Edition

Call for Price!

This keyboard is packed with features that make it great. This keyboard has a massive tone bank of 676 tones which includes 56 Indian tones. It has 135 preset styles out of which 63 are Indian styles. Also the arranger has 133 music assistant features out of which 69 are programmed for Indian music. It also has various Indian rhythms in its bank. The keyboard is equipped with various other sound effects and reverb presets, which comes in handy for various purposes. It has 12 step semitone transpose feature. It has other effects features too. With tempo and metronome functions, beginners or budding musicians find it easy to play in time. The keyboard has an inbuilt orchestrator setting which diversifies utility. It has two headphone jacks and also two 7.5 W 10 cm speakers. The keyboard measures 1045 x 320 x 128 mm in dimension.


A keyboard holds its own, as far as musical instruments are concerned. In terms of tone, function, utility and adherence to genres, its versatility makes it a one-of-a-kind and highly useful instrument. Of the many keyboards available in the market, this Roland E-09 IN Interactive Arranger Keyboard would be a great choice. It is priced fairly and available at MuzikONE. A high-end model, this keyboard is apt for a vast range of professional work.