Rode Boompole Pro Carbon Fiber Microphone Boom Pole

PKR 41,000

10′ 5-section Telescoping Boom Pole with Carbon Fiber Construction and Twist Lock



Super-lightweight Telescoping Boom Pole

Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, the RODE Boompole Pro comfortably and transparently positions your microphone exactly where you want it. Although it’s portable and easy to carry, the Boompole Pro is surprisingly sturdy. Each of the Boompole Pro’s five sections are easy to extend – even one-handed – thanks to a no-fuss twist lock. Sweetwater carries a wide selection of optional accessories for the RODE Boompole Pro, including cable clips, a wireless XLR adapter, and of course microphones.

RODE Boompole Pro Features at a Glance:

  • 10′ 5-section telescoping boom pole for precise mic placement
  • Lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber construction
  • Twist lock for easy one-handed extension

Discreetly place your mic where you want it with the RODE Boompole Pro!