NUX Mighty 30SE Programmable Amp

Call for Price!

The NUX Mighty 30SE modeling amp is a combo amplifier that features 6 classic modeling amp simulations. The powerful Mighty 30 amp has the power to compete with, or beat any amp within the same class. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, the Mighty 30 is all you need. It’s ultra portable, compact, and the Mighty 30 amp is also a strongly built unit. You can take it to rehearsals, small gigs, or even to the studio.


  • 30 Watt 10Inch Speaker,2 channels: Clean and Drive, TS/AC technology, warm and nature tone.
  • 6 Guitar Distortion types: Blues, Crunch, British, Classic, Solo, Metal. Solo Volume Boost gives your nice presence
  • 4 modulation effects: Chorus, Tremolo, Phaser, Flanger. and 3-band EQ ,delay, reverb,
  • USB for system update and tone editing, Headphones/Mixer Out,Built-in Tuner
  • Remote footswitch pedal for switching presets, boost volume, switching effects/delay/reverb and do TAP Tempo (Optional MP-1)