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Mapex Voyager SRO Fully Loaded

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• 7.2mm poplar bass drum, tom & snare shells
• Road Tuff covered finishes
• Chrome hardware and black-coated hardware
• Mapex 330 double-braced series hardware
• 1.5mm steel flanged hoops
• Drum throne included
• Remo UX drumheads with self-muffling bass drumhead
• 5-year limited warranty on hardware


Mapex Voyager SRO Fully Loaded 5-Piece Drum Kit

The Mapex Voyager offers great tone and a dynamic look right out of the box!

A complete setup for an entry-level percussionist, the Mapex Voyager offers focused tones and ample projection for that first band. All shells of this kit, the snare included, are constructed of 100% poplar and are available in durable Road Tuff finishes. The drums also feature newly designed chrome or black lugs and 1.5mm steel flanged hoops. To ensure functionality straight out-of-the-box, this set includes cymbals, tom mounts and a double tom holder that accommodates an auxiliary cymbal placement.

This 5-Piece drum kit also includes a heavy-duty, double-braced Mapex 330 Series Hardware Pack which includes an S330 snare stand, H330 chain-drive hi-hat stand, C330 straight cymbal stand, B330 boom stand and P330 single kick pedal.

With a limited warranty on both the shells and hardware, this drum set is a great option for the elementary beginner or the young, travelling professional.