M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Keyboard Controller

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  • Internal HyperControl Software for Ultimate DAW Integration
  • Expressive 49 Key TruTouch Keyboard with Assignable Aftertouch
  • USB Bus-Powered
  • 8 Velocity-Sensitive Trigger Pads
  • 8 Rotary Encoders Send Out Many Kinds of MIDI Commands
  • Dedicated DAW Transport Control with 6 Illuminated Buttons
  • Ergonomic & Responsive Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels
  • Multiple Function Buttons for Accessing Menu Pages and Various Other Features of the Axiom Pro
  • Octave Shift Buttons for Data -/+ or User Defined Commands
  • Map QWERTY Keystrokes to Buttons for Copy, Paste, New Track, and More!
  • 9 x 40 mm Faders with Auto-Mute to Prevent Jumping and the Ability to Scroll to Every Track in a Session
  • 9 x Illuminated Buttons Underneath the Faders that Toggle Between 4 Functions


Control your audio software — don’t let your audio software control you! More than just a MIDI controller, the Axiom Pro’s HyperControl technology intelligently maps its buttons, faders, and rotary encoders to the commonly accessed parameters of your host DAW — Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Reason, or even Sibelius. HyperControl seamlessly integrates the Axiom Pro 49 with virtual instruments, and provides tactile control over your mixes. If you’d like to change presets on your virtual piano plugin without constantly reaching over to hold down the mouse, the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 is for you.

HyperControl MIDI Mapping with your DAW

Plug in the included USB cable to initiate HyperControl, a constant two-way link between the Axiom Pro 49 and your DAW. This means the Axiom Pro 49’s controls are always in sync with your software’s active parameters. The graphic LCD screen constantly updates to tell you what parameters are being controlled. Unlike other MIDI-mapping technologies, HyperControl receives “feedback” from the host software. And HyperControl lets you send more than just MIDI data — you can assign the numeric keys or trigger pads to functions in your DAW. Create tracks, save a session, toggle between views, and more — directly from your Axiom Pro 49. That obscure three-fingered keyboard shortcut that you can never remember is now mapped to #1 on the Axiom Pro’s numeric keypad.

TruTouch Keyboard: Made for Making Music

Aching to stretch out those keyboard chops on the Mini Grand or Velvet virtual piano that came bundled with Pro Tools? Drop the mouse and get your hands on the 49 TruTouch keys (and 65 MIDI-assignable controls) on the Axiom Pro 49. This is a truly comfortable semi-weighted keyboard housed in a lightweight chassis. You’ll find inputs on the back for both sustain and expression pedals, plus pitch bend and modulation wheels left of the keyboard. Octave buttons give you access to a full 88 notes. Use the nine sliders to control the drawbars on your virtual organ. Or if drums are more your speed, try laying down a rhythm on the MPC-style drum trigger pads — the Axiom Pro 49’s LCD screen gives you a numeric value to let you know how hard or soft you’re hitting. Use these eight rubberized pads to create beats with ReDrum in Reason, or use your virtual drum machine of choice. With all the great software instruments available these days, who needs a big synth taking up valuable desk space in your home studio?

Control-Surface Power in a MIDI Keyboard

Trying to mouse a fader onscreen can be frustrating, which is why the “big boys” in pro studios spend thousands on massive control surfaces with motorized faders to steer their sessions. The Axiom Pro 49 gives you nine smooth 40mm sliders that automatically map to your DAW’s mixer tracks and master volume. For sessions with high track counts, you can bank through tracks using buttons, and an outline will appear around your DAW tracks currently being controlled by HyperControl. Want to play with amp settings in Eleven Free? The eight rotary encoders automatically map to these settings, so you can tweak gain, tremolo, and speaker cabinet type by twisting real knobs in real time. You’ll find that even if you’re really not that much of a keyboardist, the Axiom Pro 49 packs a lot of control-surface power into a small footprint. And the Axiom Pro 49 is USB-bus-powered, so you don’t even need a power brick to get started. Just connect the USB cable to your computer and you’ll be controlling your DAW — without a mouse.