Behringer MiniAmp AMP800

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  • Eight headphone outputs for serious monitoring capabilities
  • All four channels give you individual level controls for personalized monitoring
  • Two input sources are available to each channel for setting up different monitor mixes
  • Parallel link output allows you to cascade to another headphone amp for even more headphones
  • LED level indicators on each channel to keep your signals in check


Power up to Eight Sets of Headphones

The Behringer MiniAmp AMP800 headphone amplifier is an easy and low-cost way to power up to eight sets of headphones. Each headphone channel supports two sets of headphones and you can choose one of two input sources, with pan and input level control over each source. And if you need to power more than eight sets of phones, use the parallel link output to cascade your source signals to an additional headphone amp. If you need to power multiple sets of headphones without sacrificing control over your audio, you can’t go wrong with the Behringer MiniAmp AMP800 headphone amplifier.

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Weight 800 kg