Behringer Europower PMP530M

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  • Compact and rack-mountable
  • 300 watt Class D amplifier
  • 5-channel mixer section
  • Integrated 24-bit digital FX processor
  • FBQ Feedback Detection system
  • 5 high-quality mic preamps with switchable Pad and Clip LEDs
  • Effective, extremely musical 2-band EQ on all channels

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Lightweight, low profile, powerful 5-channel powered mixer.

If you need superior sound quality for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but want to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, consider the EUROPOWER PMP530M. This 300-Watt 5-channel powered mixer provides everything you need in one efficient, highly portable package. The PMP530M is ideally suited for vocal groups, small bands, churches, town halls, banquet rooms and much more.

Most powered mixers in this class tease you with maybe 100 or 200-Watts of peak output power. Not the PMP530M. This bad Larry comes armed to the teeth with 300-Watts of the cleanest power you’ll find anywhere. Class-D amplifier and Switch Mode Power Supply technology make it possible by reducing the need for heavy transformers and massive heat sinks. The PMP530M’s state-of-the-art design architecture keeps it cool for hours of continuous operation.

The PMP530M contains BEHRINGER’s FBQ Feedback Detection System, which automatically pinpoints trouble frequencies so you can snuff them out before they occur. Just touch the FBQ button and watch as all feedback-related frequencies are indicated by red LEDs on the 7-band graphic EQ sliders. Pull the illuminated sliders down until the LEDs go out, and your feedback issues are handled.

PMP530M’s built-in 24-bit FX processor gives you 100 digital effect presets such as delay (echo), reverb, chorus and multi-FX you can apply to any channel—without the need for expensive outboard gear.

The EUROPOWER PMP530M additionally provides versatile connectivity. RCA Aux In jacks allow you to route an external signal to the main mix and control the volume with the Aux In Level control. This is an excellent way to add music from CD players, iPods or tape decks, etc. Handy Record Out jacks let you save your performance via any convenient recording device, analog or digital. The TRS Amp Insert jack can be used as an FX loop, allowing you to tap into your favorite external effects devices.

Small, simple events call for a lightweight, simple powered mixer. Easy to learn and operate, the PMP530M provides an impressive feature set, typically found only on more expensive non-powered systems. If you’re looking for high-quality audio performance coupled with power and incredible versatility, here is an excellent option.