Alice Acoustic Guitar Pick Guard

PKR 350

Are you the guitar lover? Do you want to find an excellent pickguard for your guitar? Here is a pickguard that can meet your demand. This pickguard with high quality and exquisite design is durable and stylish. It features adhesive backing for easy installation and solid construction for long time use. What’s more, this pickguard is a great tool to protect your guitar surface from scratched so that your guitar can play wonderful music all the time. Overall, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss the opportunity!



1. Stylish design and high quality, never used
2. Professional guitar pickguard
3. Pickguard with adhesive backing for easy installation
4. Protect your guitar surface from scratched
5. Also a good deco for your guitar
6. With adhesive tape on the back and uncover it to stick on the guitar


1. Material: celluloid
2. Dimensions:  6.89 x 3.4 inch
3. Color: Black
4. Weight: 9g

Package included:
1 x Guitar Pickguard