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B.C. Rich Kerry King Wartribe 1 Warlock
This popular mid-priced Kerry King model is ready to take the stage and deliver massive tone and attitude. Tune-o-Matic bridge and B.C. Rich B.D.S.M. pickups highlight this seriously equipped guitar.
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B. C. Rich Mockingbird One
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B.C. Rich Mockingbird Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose
If there is one design that defines B.C. Rich, it just might be the Mockingbird. The Mockingbird encompasses the past with an eye to the future. The Mockingbird One Electric Guitar is an affordable way to aquire this unique body shape from B.C. Rich without comprimising on features.
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B.C. Rich Warlock Edge Electric Guitar
The list of Warlock players is as long as B.C. Rich's history. It is this storied history that places the Warlock high on the iconic guitar shelf. Here's an ideal choice if you're ready to step up the ladder to one of the these B.C. Rich models and stay within budget.
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NUX PG-2 Portable Guitar Effects
Portable Guitar Effects Processor
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NUX MG-100 Multi-Effects Processor
The MG-100 has so many features, its hard to name them all.
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NUX MFX-10 Multi-Effects Processor
What do you get in the MFX-10? A lot of "WOW" !
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NUX MIGHTY 8SE Portable Digital Guitar Amplifier
MIGHTY 8SE is upgraded from the classic Mighty 8 amplifier. Besides Clean tone and 6 distortion types, it also has a Flat position for plugging the acoustic guitar. With 4 modulation effects, delay and reverb, you will find it covers various music styles! The tone is so much improved and you will be surprised that why this little baby is so open sounding!
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NUX MIGHTY 15SE Digital Guitar Amplifier
MIGHTY 15 has been one of the most popular amplifiers from NUX because of its friendly interface and great tone! Now NUX brings it to a whole new level by changing it to all digital platform and improving the sounds and effects! We are talking about the MIGHTY 15SE! The control panel is based on the MIGHTY 15 but when you start playing you will notice it is very dynamic and touch responsive, just like playing the real tube amps!
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NUX FrontLine 30 Combo Amplifier
What are you waiting for? You won't find a finer, compact excellent amplifier in the market. The 30-Watt Frontline 30's clean channel has independent EQ control for each channel, six amp models in the distortion channel, 10 inch speaker and headphone output. Not to mention the analog preamp!
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NUX FrontLine 15 Combo Amplifier
The Frontline 15 combo amp has six Pre-amp models in the distortion channel, and a Mic input with a volume control. The 15-watt Frontline combo is a stereo amplifier with an 8 inch speaker and headphones output. The analog preamp gives you that warm tube sound.
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Zoom G5 Multi-FX Pedal
  • An all-in-one guitar effects and amplifier modeling pedal you can use to get any tone you need, anywhere
  • A perfect live multi-effects rig for any guitarist who needs to cover a lot of musical ground
  • Powerful multi-effects DSP engine lets you play with up to nine effects at once, including amplifier modeling
  • Intuitive layout with 4 x large LCD screens and streamlined 3-knob controls sections provide pedalboard-style simplicity
  • Straightforward user interface makes creating, saving and rearranging your own effect chains a breeze
  • Footswitchable Tube Booster section lets you saturate your tone with the sound of a genuine 12AX7 preamp tube
  • Z-pedal expressing adds left and right foot controls, allowing you to manipulate up to 3 parameters at once
  • Includes 20 effects specifically designed to take full advantage of the Z-pedal's 3-axis control
  • Advanced DSP and tube emulation technology provide added realism to the feel, response, and sound of the G5's effects
  • 22 x super-real amp models provide you with everything from vintage British models to cutting-edge Californian high-gain monsters
  • Each amp model includes its own distinct cabinet model you can use to alter its tone
  • Pick and choose the amplifier and cabinet models you like and design your own custom digital rig
  • Amp models are great for both live performance and studio recording
  • Loaded with 123 world-renowned stompbox effects, including some of the world's most popular guitar pedals and rack-mounted processors
  • Effects includes distortion, compression, modulation, delay, an amazing HD reverb, and much more
  • Store up to 297 (99 banks x 3 patches) of your original creations
  • ZFX-IV DSP effects processor uses 32-bit floating-point processing to produce amplifier sounds that are extremely realistic
  • Looper function with 60-second phrase recording and infinite sound-on-sound overdubbing
  • Built-in drum machine lets you choose from over 40 different rhythm patterns, including 4, 8 and 16-beat, shuffle and many others
  • Tap key makes it easy to set tempo and start a jam session anytime
  • USB audio interface connection lets you record with your DAW software
  • Included Steinberg Cubase LE recording software lets you create original music on your Mac or PC
  • Direct monitoring capability eliminates latency issues, making DAW recording easy and headache free
  • Balanced XLR output lets you connect directly to live mixing boards or your studio recording equipment
  • Brightly back-lit built-in tuner provides easy tuning on any stage
  • Amazing 1.6ms patch change speed ensures that you will never miss a beat
  • Add an additional optional expression pedal and footswitch for even more performance flexibility
  • Free Edit&Share software for Mac/PC lets you create, edit, save, and share your own effects settings with a wide network of other G5 users
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Behringer DR400 Digital Reverb/Delay
  • 24-bit stereo reverbs and delays in a single pedal
  • Stereo output for feeding your signal to two amplifiers
  • Use reverb and delay by themselves or together
  • Delay times go from 32ms to 2000ms
  • Reverb types include small room, big room, concert hall, and plate reverb
  • Status LED tells you when the pedal is in use
  • Powered by a 9V battery or DC adapter
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Behringer DD400 Digital Delay
  • Mode, Time, Feedback and Level controls
  • 24-bit high-resolution stereo delay/echo
  • Delay time up to 1.3 seconds
  • Tap tempo feature
  • Blue status LED for On/Off and battery check
  • First-class electronic On/Off switch
  • Exceptionally rugged construction ensures long life
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Behringer DD600 Digital Delay
  • 11 modes—comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors
  • Real Sound Modeling (RSM) combines state-of-the-art DSP technology with sophisticated algorithms to emulate real acoustic environments
  • 24-bit high-resolution stereo delay/echo/panning with delay time up to 2 s
  • Dedicated Mode, Delay Time, Feedback and Level controls
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
  • First-class electronic On/Off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction
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Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000
  • Balances XLR and TRS inputs and outputs
  • Extensive MIDI Implementation
  • High-performance Multi-effects Processor
  • 24-bit AD/DA with 64/128 times oversampling
  • 100 presets and 100 user presets
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