37 Keys Melodica/Pianica/Melodion
37 Key Stainless Steel Base Melodica/Pianica/Meldion
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Suzuki Winner Tremolo Harmonica 16H
One of the most popular Suzuki harmonica models, it possesses a nice abundant sound and lies comfortably in your hand. High quality at a very reasonable price!
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BEE DF24 24-Hole C Key Harmonica
BEE DF24 24-Hole C Key Harmonica
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BEE DF16A-2 Dual Sided Harmonica 16-Hole
Item name: BEE 16 Holes C and G Two Side Harmonica DF16A-2 Color: red, blue Brand name: BEE Model NO.: DF16A-2 Size: 129x54x21mm For age: 3+
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EastTop T10 10-Hole Blues Harmonica

EASTTOP T10 10 Holes Harmonica Diatonic Blues Harp Mouth Organ for Blues Rock Country Folk Jazz

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EastTop T002 10-Hole Blues Harmonica
  • Easttop 10holes blues harmonica
  • Copper board copper shell,ABS comb
  • C key,each harmonica into one plastic box
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BEE DF15 15-Hole Harmonica
15- Hole C Key Harmonica By Bee
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Suzuki Mini Harmonica
5 Holes  Key C   [Size]:   40 * 14 * 10mm [Blow]: C E G C E --> 1 3 5 1 3 [Suck]: D F A B D --> 2 4 6 7 2 [Package included]:  Harmonica (5 holes) with  Key Chain  
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Easttop® Chromatic Harmonica Scale Changer
  • Features:
            1.New and high quality ,Beautiful and high quality tamber, it lets you playing music any time, anywhere
            2.Metal body and metal reeds
            3.Protected by comfortable box
            4.10 holes  40 tones
            5.Perfect for any beginner or harmonica lover
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Hohner 590 Big River MS-Series Harmonica

A raging-loud, comfortable staple harmonica for beginners and a sure performer for seasoned veterans.

Whether you're playing down-home melodies on your back porch or fronting a blues band, the 590 Big River harmonica gets the job done. This reliable workhorse offers Hohner's highest standard of German quality. Featuring a 10-hole, airtight, plastic body for increased volume, an open-ended cover for sound projection, and contoured covers that are comfortable to hold, the Hohner 590 Big River harmonica really delivers the sound you seek. The Hohner 590 Big River harmonica is an attractive and robust harp model that's a fine musical instrument for beginners, with solid volume and easy playability. The 590 Big River is also the choice of seasoned veterans and professionals, who recognize the harmonicas strong, dependable performance and German quality at an affordable price. The Hohner Big River can be called one of the best-valued harmonicas on the market. It has the quality and durability of Hohner's Special 20 and Marine Band harmonicas, yet it's more affordable, plus it has the advantage of replaceable reed plates, which is a money-saving alternative to throwing away out-of-tune harmonicas.

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Suzuki Winner Tremolo Harmonica 24H
One of the most popular Suzuki harmonica models, it possesses a nice abundant sound and lies comfortably in your hand. High quality at a very reasonable price!
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Hohner Horizon Harmonica
An Ideal first harmonica for beginners.
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Suzuki Folk Master
Key of C, exquisite blues harmonica with 10 holes, 20 tone. Stainless steel cover plate with delicate printing, sturdy and stylish. Environmental friendly resin frets, high quality alloy reed produce clear and mellow tone sensitively. Base plate with enough space ensure proper volume. Easy to play, great musical instrument or gift for children and musical lovers.
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Hohner Pocket Pal


  • Plastic comb produces a bright, clear tone
  • Recessed reed plates for air tightness
  • Screw assembly for easy maintenance
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Hohner Blues Band

Blues Band

Generations of beginners have found their musical voice with the Blues Band. It  is easy to play and ideal  for anyone looking for a durable harp on a tight budget. Enthusiast Series Harmonicas come with Free Lessons from David Barrett's Get started today at Just enter the code on the Free Lessons card included inside the carton of your HOHNER harmonica at checkout to receive 30 days of free lessons!
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EastTop T28 28-Holes C-Key Harmonica
EastTop T28 28-Holes C-Key Harmonica
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