NUX HG-6 High Gain FET Distortion
  • Very high gain makes the distortion sound aggressive
  • Active middle frequency eq circuit
  • Led indicator shows status of effect and battery condition
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NUX JTC Drum & Loop
Jam Track Creator Drum&Loop is the Smallest 24bit loop pedal with auto detection drum machine.
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NUX Lacerate FET Boost
Lacerate is a mini pedal with a huge boost !
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NUX Metal Core Deluxe Distortion Pedal
Nux Metal Core Deluxe Our Metal Core Deluxe distortion pedal has 2 high-gain tone circuit positions and 2 great tones: Voice 1 gives you a responsive, percussive low-mid with smooth high frequencies. Voice 2 features a balanced EQ, well-suited for maximum shredding with a big solid punch. It has LevelGain, and, very sensitive Bass and Treble controls that allow you to fine-tune any tone. Metal Core Deluxe also has a built-in Noise Gate with an adjustable gate parameter.
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NUX MINI Oceanic Digital Reverb
NUX Oceanic, a reverb effect as vast and deep as its name !
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NUX Mod Core Deluxe Modulation Effects Pedal
Richest modulation pedal, beautiful sound colorization
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NUX Mod Force Multi Modulation Effects
This is an effects pedal for the guitarist who wants to color their guitar sound with unlimited sound shaping possibilities. With twelve fashion effects including the nice tape Flanger, 8-stage Phaser and spacious u-vibe, Mod Force gives you all the modulation effects you'll ever need. With its Dual Engine design, Mod Force allows you to combine Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and Vibrato effects in series and parallel sync the tempo between them and TAP the tempo by an individual switch button.
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NUX PA-2 Portable Acoustic Guitar EFX
Inspiring Tones on the GO NUX PA-2 is can easily fit in your palm, yet it comes packed with 10 professionally designed effects models allowing for a wide variety of personal tonal character of your acoustic guitar. Dialing up a tone is easy with the bright LCD display and easy-to-use knobs and buttons. Define your sound PA-2 has 3 acoustic guitar sound simulation and enhances the sound based on guitar body type’s simulation. Whether your guitar body type is slim or jumbo, you can select one of the 3 “BODY” simulation and set up your sound by 3-band EQ, compressor, chorus effects, delay and reverb effects. Save Your Tone PA-2 has 9 factory and 9 user presets. Create your tone and save it, and carry wherever you want. More Than an Effect Unit NUX PA-2 comes with 2 additional handy functions: Tuner and Metronome. It has 2 tuning modes (Guitar and Chromatic) and adjustable tuning pitch from A=335 to A=445. Metronome range is 30-240 and it can be set manual or by using TAP TEMPO. 8 rhythm variations let you practice many different music styles.
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NUX Phaser Core
Depths of Phaser Lots of famous guitarists are remembered with their guitar tones with phaser The effect has been used for rock, pop, jazz, funk and even metal music
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NUX Time Force Multi Digital Delay
A total of 11 delay models including tape, analog, reverse and more, provide best tone of full direction. Either instrument input or loop jacks of guitar amp can be connected to TIME FORCE with -10dB or +4dB input/out put, and kill dry functions. Flexible I/O jacks detect the stereo and mono connections automatically, which enable more routing possibilities. 40 seconds in stereo loop station make the practice full of fun. Tail function makes effect sound fade out when the effect is off. Tap tempo with different sub division can input the delay time easily.
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NUX MINI Tube Man MKII Overdrive
Genuine Tube-like sound that makes it more than your average Tube Screamer!
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NUX CH-3 Vintage Chorus Pedal
  • High quality effect with flexible function.
  • Adopted low noise BBD in delay circuit, natural and clear sound.
  • True bypass design, minimizes tone loss and get more control of your pedal.
  • LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition.
  • The pedal can be powered by a battery or AC adapter.
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Boss PSA-230 Power Supply for Boss Compact Pedals

Boss PSA230 Power Supply

The only Boss recommended pedal to power your Boss effects. Can be used in conjunction with the Boss TU-2 Tuner and Boss daisy chain lead to power up to 5 of your Boss pedals.

N.B. This product was previously known as PSA 240. If you are looking for a PSA240 to power a Boss effects pedal - this PSA230 is what you're after - they are exactly the same specification!

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Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal
Noise Suppressor/Noise Gate Guitar Pedal
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Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
Distortion Pedal for Electric Guitar
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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Pedal
Distortion Stompbox with 3-band EQ
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