Mapex Voyager SRO Fully Loaded
Features: • 7.2mm poplar bass drum, tom & snare shells • Road Tuff covered finishes • Chrome hardware and black-coated hardware • Mapex 330 double-braced series hardware • 1.5mm steel flanged hoops • Drum throne included • Remo UX drumheads with self-muffling bass drumhead • 5-year limited warranty on hardware
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Mapex Horizon HX Grey Steel 9-Piece
HX5255TCZ Configuration Includes:
  • 22x18in Bass Drum
  • 12x9in, 13x10in Rack Toms additional 10" Tom with clamp
  • 16x16in Floor Tom
  • 14x5.5in Snare
  • 500 Series Hardware Pack
  • Throne
  • 3 Piece Cymbal Set
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