Drum Beater Round/Dual-Head

Drum Beater Round/Dual-Head

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Cowbell 6″ with Bass Drum Holder
Cowbell Steel 6" with Bass Drum Holder
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Xylophone 15 Note+10 Flat Note Colorful Metal 3mm Plate with 2 Mallets Sticks
Features: Has 15 notes and 10 flat notes, enough to play a simple song. Colorful metal plates(nearly 3mm in thickness), to attract children's attention easily. Embedded design, plates fit into plastic case, won't fall off or slide randomly. Portable and space-saving, open to play and then close to take away. 3 foldable feet on the back and 2 sticks to match your need better. Great instrument to assist children's musical development. Ideal gift for kids to enjoy fun brought by music. Specifications: Material: Metal & plastic Product size: Approx.39 * 22 * 4cm / 15.4 * 8.7 * 1.6in Package size: 53.5 * 29 * 4cm / 21.1 * 11.4 * 1.6in Package weight: 1369g / 3.01Lb Package List: 1 * Xylophone 2 * Stick
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NUX DM-5 Digital Drum Kit

DM-5 Digital Drum Kit Configuration 1×11” snare, 3×9” tom pad, 1×9” bass drum pad, 3×12 cymbal, 1×14” ride. Every trigger preserves strong sensitivity. Each pad can set up the sensitivity, trigger level, scanning time, mask time, double trigger elimination, X-cross … Continued

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Paiste PST 5 Cymbal Splash 10-inch
  • Since 2005 made with CuSn8 Bronze
  • All volume settings live playing entire range of music styles
  • Bright clean full focused cutting and energetic with full functional and musical characteristics
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Metal Shaker
High Quality SS Material Shaker
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Wood Shaker
High Quality Mahogany Wood Shaker
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Bongos Drums
High Quality Imported Bongo Drums with Goat Skin.
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Triangle 5-6-7 Inches
Premium high grade steel. With striker & case
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Set of Jingles High grade plastic Bright Sound Different shapes available
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Alice Sound Egg Shaker Random Colours [Pair]
Pair of High grade sound egg shakers.
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OEM Cabasa
High grade cabasa percussion instrument.
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Behringer XD60-USB

Ready to Rock Right out-of-the box

We know how much you love to play, so we designed our XD Series drum kits for fast and easy, tool-free setup. Just pull the kit out of the box, position the drum and cymbal pads the way you like 'em and plug in; it's just that simple. And when you're finished playing, just fold up the kit and stash it behind the couch or underneath the bed. Now your significant other will still respect you in the morning! True-to-Life Feel The way drums "feel" is one of the most important factors, especially for drummers who use electronic drums for practice and then return to an acoustic kit for live performance. So we gave our pads a natural rubber surface, which mimics the feel of real skins and minimizes false triggering. All of our kits feature sturdy, extruded aluminum frames, which provide a solid foundation for the drum and cymbal pads. You'll really appreciate this added stability when you're rockin' out full-tilt. Sound Quality Easy setup and feel are important, but how do they sound? Thanks to their vast libraries of top-notch studio and live drum, percussion and cymbal sounds, XD Series drums sound great! Whether you choose the ultra-compact XD60-LE or full-size XD60-USB with 110 sounds each, or opt for the XD70-USB with 392 sounds, you'll get professional, studio-grade sounds that will simply blow you away. And if that's still not enough, you can always use XD's MIDI capability to build your own library via external MIDI sound modules. Plus you can program and store your favorite kits for instant recall. March to the Beat of Your own Drum Acoustic drums sound fantastic, but can cause real volume issues, especially in a small club or when you need to practice at home late at night. XD Series drum kits provide the ideal solution, allowing you to control the volume and still satisfy your desire to rock out. You can practice with the built-in metronome or play along with your favorite tunes thanks to the convenient Aux inputs and USB connectivity. Output options abound including headphones (your neighbors will thank you), stereo and mono Main Outs, plus USB/MIDI for hooking up external sound modules. Value Proposition With millions of satisfied and loyal customers, BEHRINGER is the industry leader in both build quality and value. Nothing exemplifies this philosophy more than our XD Series electronic drum kits, which usher in a new era of functionality, features and affordability. up.
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Behringer XD-80USB
8-piece Electronic Drum Kit with HDS240USB Sound Module, Kick Pedal, Pad and Stand, 1 x 8" Dual-zone Snare Pad, 3 x 8" Dual-zone Pads, 3 x 12" Cymbals, Hi-hat Trigger Pedal, Drum Rack with Mounting Hardware, Multi-pin Breakout Cable, Pair of Drumsticks, and Drum Tool
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Cherub DT-10 Drum Tuner

Cherub DT-10 Twinkling Metal Housing Drum Tuner Accurate Professional Built-in Battery Rechargeable Mic Pick-up for Drum Kit Set

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Cherub DP-1008 Pack

Cherub DP-1008 Pack | Drum Tutor Digital Drum Pad Combo

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