Flanger Violin-Ukulele Hanger with Bow Holder
Real hradwood offers beautiful&unique wood grain. Protective padding gently and securely supports the instrument. Violin does not rest on its tuners; bow holder peg included.
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Flanger FMT-206RC Tuner & Metronome with Pickup
Metronome and tuner combo with cutting-edge display and tuning technologies. Tuning items include chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele and violin. Built-in metronome has up to 10 beats presets. The metronome feature works in a variety of time signatures: 1 / 4, 2 / 4, 3 / 4, 4 / 4, 3 / 8, 6 / 8 and more with multiple rhythms available for each. Colorful LCD and bright flash light duo-displays the tuning, metronome and pitch reference status. Earphone jack allows for connecting FMT - 206 with earphone or amplifier. Comes with 2 of AAA battery. Tuning Range: 0A - 8C Pickup Accuracy: 1 Cent Beat Speed Range: 30 - 28bpm Beat: 0 - 9 Duration: 0 - 8 Beat Error: 1 Percentage
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Flanger FP-02 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup for Acoustic Guitar
  • Magnetic sound hole pickup is perfect for 39"/40"/41"/acoustic guitar or the round sound holes at least 3.94" In diameter
  • Magnetic sound hole pickup produces a clean quality sound, easy to install
  • Passive design, without need for external power
  • Audio cable length: 80 cm
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Flanger FA-10 Extend-O-Grip Adjustable Hand Exerciser
- Tension: 3, 5, 7 pounds - Strengthen and stretch the fingers - Unique ergonomic design allows you to exercise the fingers, wrists and forearms while practicing the correct action for playing musical instruments - Increases finger speed, strength and independence - The span between fingers can be extended and strengthened by progressively shifting the fourth button away from the others - Compact & ultra-light, can practice without instrument anywhere & anytime
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Flanger Notation/Music Stand
Flanger foldable notation/notes stand, foldable with carrying bag.
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Flanger FMD-100 Package
Specialized drum practice pad with metronome. Small and exquisite appearance, it is easy and convenient to operate. LCD screen display, it can display beat, styles of rhythm, tempo, sound volume. Matched with specialized drum sticks, it can make your drum learning and exercise easier. With a portable bag, it is convenient to carry. Perfect choice for your drum learning and exercise.
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Flanger FP-1 Portable Guitar Headphone Amplifier

Miniature Portable Flanger Blue Headphone Guitar AMP Amplifier

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Flanger FA-80 Guitar Support
  • Utility Guitar Accessory(FA-80)
  • This product mixes the functions of Foot Stool, Strap, Stand and Guitar Neck Rest together. It's an Utility Guitar Accessory.
  • Size:120*65*10mm
  • Net weight:80g
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Flanger FA-20 Flexi-Capo
  • A creative capo fits almost all the guitar fingerboards.
  • Supports various tuning changing without detune your guitar.
  • An endure guitar capo made of high quality materials. Lasts for life.
  • Help to tune each string of guitar without affecting other strings.
  • Easy to play creative open chords.
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